Mixed Roots Design is inspired by many movements happening in the world today. There are so many exciting things happening with localizing our produce and products, with increasing awareness of living sustainably, and then the transparency with which we share our inspirations, our designs, and creativity. All of these elements go into who we are as a company, how we approach our lives and our clients, and how we think through our work. Our goal is to be good stewards of our neighborhood, our community, and our clients.


Susan Cook


email. susan@mixedrootsdesign.com
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Susan has been in the practicing graphic design for over 25 years as it has continual evolution as a profession. She began at the National Museum of African Art, and has continued her work of exhibition graphics while being the Director of Graphics at Gallagher & Associates. She has lead the designs and strategies for online and direct advertising campaigns, corporate branding, non-profit marketing—you name it and she's done it. She's designed for the White House's website and had a chance to meet Michelle Obama, and Bo Obama. She's traveled literally around the world, art directing photo shoots at the newly rebranded (which she design) Renaissance Hotels. She has won numerous awards for her work, including a bronze cyberlion at the Cannes International Advertising Awards.

If there is a preponderance of 'farm' references and images on our site, it's Susan Cook's fault. You see, back in 2012, Susan spent about 6 months working on a farm. But while she was away from her laptop, she found design and good practices all around her. She even decided to make a little film, One Day, as an homage to her work there.

It was an experience that has stayed with her and continues to reinforce that design is a craft. It is something that always needs nourishing, and care taking in order to have a successful harvest.


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