Design Strategy

Mixed Roots Design works with our clients to determine to their target audience, to develop a clear, concise, and impactful message, to seek ways expand and enhance your project's outcome, and to design a smart, impactful project that utilizes it's palette mindfully. 


Understanding the audience 

It's usually our first question. Who is this for? And what do you want them to understand? It's vital to understand who these people are and their perspectives so that we can them calibrate our message, and our designs to have a high return on investment.

Beyond the Forest

Turn the project upside down, turn it clockwise, or go for a walk. Sometimes the path is pretty direct with a project, but we always seek ways engage and deepen the connection with the audience. 

Clarity of message

Everyone knows what the rooster's job is on the farm. He announces the sunrise. He was other jobs as well, like protecting his flock, but mainly, what is he known for? Similarly, there can be many things that you want your project to say and do. We can help in refining those messages so that your audience is clear about what you want them to understand. 

Designing with Purpose

There are many tools which designers can use to express your project. Mixed Roots Design seeks to do the expected. We aim to provide a coherent, and mindfully designed project that has intelligently utilized it's palette of options.


Design Muses

"Soft eyes" allows for discovering a muse or some form of inspiration that surface might seem to have no connection but could be the element that helps weave a coherency to a project. They could be the simple pleasures, the often overlooked elements that can contribute to the enrichment of a project.

Designers are constantly looking for ways to maintain their creative souls. We look for those joys in our everyday moments. So while pulling the flower petals tossing them into your salad might seem to have no connection to design, you never know. It's the idea.


Warmth and simplicity 

Sitting at a new cafe and absorbing the simplicity of a reclaimed wide planked wood table and a single flower in a mason jar. It's love.  

Exploring new ground 

Like everyone, designers can get into ruts. They keep pulling out their same bag of tricks for each job. Mixed Roots Design loves exploring new things. It could be 'hey I had this great dish, let me try that at home' or literally, let's go explore a new city, or a new part of our own city. It's about evicting us from our comfort zone and finding new inspirations.

Unexpected  pleasures

"Wow!" Ever had that feeling after tasting something unexpected like flower petals in your salad. That can happen in design too. We strive to find those moments where unexpected, once found, we all say "wow."

Textures and senses 


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